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Google Provides Disavow Updates

Today and uploaded another disavow file to Google Webmaster Tools. And a little afterwards, I received an email informing me that it had been processed. Not sure what processed means – does it mean that they will no longer count…

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WordPress Breadcrumb Links the Easy Way

There are several plugins that add breadcrumbs to Wordperss blog posts and pages but none are very easiliy configurable / styleable. I was using Yoast’s service from the WordPress SEO plugin, but decided to see if I could just hardcode…

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Who is logged in to your Facebook?

facebook security

If you are worried that your Facebook account may have been compromised you can check to see if anybody else is logged in – and log them out – and then you should change your password, just in case. Most…

Beware the Adobe Echosign Phishing Scam

Echosign scam

I just received the following email with title “Review the document“: From: [email protected] Hi, You have received a document via Adobe Echosign. Sign in with your googlemail to review the document. Sign In Here. Thank you. Clicking the “Sign In…

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UK Publishers can now benefit more from Adsense

google adsense partners badge

Google has launched a new service called Google AdSense Certified Partners. Google have partnered with a select group of Internet marketing firms who specialise in helping publishers monetise their websites with Adsense. Adsense is Google’s advertising network. How does it work?…