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Seeing that I have bought and now tested my Google G1 Android phone, it is time for a more detailed look at it, and some applications that I have installed for it. I bought the G1 from T-Mobile, who are the only phone company in the UK that sells the G1. The staff in the shop were actually really helpful and set the phone up for me with a few essential application. I have since added some more, and compiled a list of others that have been recommended to me, that I am working my way through.

Essential and Fun Applications:

  • Power Manager -This allows you to easily change any setting that affects power consumption. For example, if you are not using the phone for browsing the web, then you can easily set it to G2 instead of G3 internet connection to help save battery.
  • MyBackup -This simply backs up all your settings and applications, so in the event of a major problem to your phone, or theft, your can quickly restore your data to a repaired / new phone.
  • AK Notepad -This is a simple but effective notepad for the Android. It also allows reminders to be added to notes, and notes can be shared.
  • CardioTrainer – A very useful application for runners, joggers and walkers, as it tracks your speed and distance travelled when out and about. If you are adventuring in a G3/GPS covered area it could prove invaluable as it will trace your every step.
  • CompareEverywhere – Price comparison application.
  • ShopSavvy – Another price comparison applications. Use the camera on the phone to scan barcodes of items in shops, then check the internet for the best prices!
  • Compass3D
  • Labyrinth Lite – Silly game, but nice demo of the accelerometer as a control device
  • MyTracks – Great for skiing, but also fun for walking, hiking, running, etc. Records you tracks and uploads them to your Google Maps account so you can view them on Maps and Earth.
  • PapiJump and PapiRiver – More silly accelerometer based games
  • Quickpedia – Nice interface on top of Wikipedia; once you get into the habit of using it regularly it utterly changes the nature of down-the-pub conversations.
  • QypeRadar – Great for finding bars and restaurants near where you are
  • Sketch-a-Etch – This is an indispensable application that all budding artists should own!
  • SkyMap – Really nice astronomy aid, just point the phone at the sky and it shows you a labelled map of the area of the sky you are looking at.
  • Tricorder – uses the phones real sensors to detect magnetic fields, gravity, etc. Detect buried powerful magnets! See the passing gravity wave from a distant collapsar on your phone screen!
  • Wikitude – Really nice Augmented Reality local info viewer. Use the in-camera view.

There are so many different applications already available on the Android, and as time passes more and more will become available. However, this list is a good starting point.

We have uploaded a copy of the Android User Manual for your reference.

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  1. I’m looking for a suitable Picasa Photo& Video viewer for my Google G1 android HTC PHONE.appriciate if guide in right direction. Thanks

  2. No using the Facebook app, plus PDANet for emergencies (sshhh) and little else. Did a factory reset and trying to make do without so many apps. Although one friend with Android was surprised at how few apps I had, and that was before the factory reset.

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