Annoying Opt Outs on Sites

Just getting a quote for health insurance on a popular UK health insurers site. There is an opt out box before the quote that says:

We would like to contact you about this quote and keep you updated with our products and services, which we think may be of interest to you. If you wish not to receive this information, please tick the box.

So, if I tick the box, I will not get loads of messages about products I am not interested, but they also will not contact me about my quote? Sounds very odd. I am tempted to tick the box on principal. There really should be two boxes:

  1. Can we contact you about this quote?
  2. Can we contact you about other stuff at a later date?

That must be the fair way to do it. Otherwise they are just building a mailing list of people that want a quote. I will settle for the online quote only, and then test how effective that button is.

To Tick Or Not To Tick
To Tick Or Not To Tick?

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