G1 Connection to 3G Very Slow Today

I was planning to write up a new article this lunch hour for my health and fitness blog, but a painfully slow internet prevented me from doing anything for the first 40 minutes. So now I have time just for a brief rant, and a warning to fellow mobile bloggers. As good as the Google phone is, the 3G network is far from ideal. I am based in the centre of London, so really should have the best 3G connections available. However I just experienced half an hour of ‘page not found’ errors, which were due to slack internet connections. I am writing furiously now (which proves than the small keyboard on the G1 is adequate) but this does not make up for the fact that MotleyHealth.com has missed out on an article today. I was going to blog about the renewed warnings about saturated fat, but my readers will miss out on this story, and their longterm health could suffer as a result.

Hopefully the technology and infrastructure still has plenty of room for improvement, otherwise 3G may turn out to be a bit of an anticlimax for me. Saying that, I have managed to write this post, so am starting to feel a little more optimistic once again.

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