Google Image Search Updated – But Be Careful

Google has updated its Image Search Engine and it looks really good. But while browsing today I came across 2 Trojan horse attack sites (Avast! picked up and blocked the attack). Neither image was naughty, in fact one image was of Marissa Mayer herself, the brains behind search at Google.

So this post is really just a reminder to surfers – be careful. Image Search looks good and you can find lots of nice images, but the sites some are hosted on carry viruses and Trojans. Ensure that you can good Anti-Virus software that is kept up to date. It seems that whereas there are sometimes warning messages on the Web Search results, the images do not carry warnings.

I use Avast! free home edition, and it does a great job.Set to auto update and AV settings on max. I also use Firefox which seems to cope better with these things.

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