How to Disable IPv6 in Windows Vista Home to Improve Internet Connection

If you are having internet connection problems in Vista Home then one possible solution is to disable IPv6.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start > Control Panel > View Network Status and tasks (under Network and Internet)
  2. Chose Manage Network Connections on the left side menu
  3. Right click Local Area Connection and choose Properties
  4. In the pop-up box, uncheck the following:
    • Internt Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)
  5. Click OK and then RESTART your computer..

As far as I am aware the worse that this can do right now is slow your connection. However, some people say that it speeds it up – and if like me you were losing your connection several times a day, then a slightly slower permanent connection is far better than having to reboot 5 times a day.

My question is – why the hell is Vista shipped with this new technology and no mention of the possible problems it causes? There are tens of thousands of search results for this problem, especially for wireless users. So why no patch?

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  1. IPv6 slows down connections? Hmm interesting, but wrong, it’s a myth, and almost everyday somebody is writing about this on it’s blog. Problems are cheap routers and users without any technical knowledge about Internet. That’s all, believe me.

  2. Thanks for that, it restores some faith in Windows. I shall modify the article when I am back in the office (on the G1 at the moment). If the problem is cheap routers, and I use a Netgear 834 which is about 6 years old, then what causes just the web browser connection to die, but allow the others to stay up? Can you recommend a good resource to learn more about how these things work?

    I still think that MS should address this somehow. If they stated in the help pages that old/cheap routers may suffer connection problems under certain circumstances, and switching to ipv4 can alleviate problems in these cases, there will be far less blogs like this one!

    The other thing that bugs me is that the connection was fine for about 4 months, then started playing up. After disabling all other software that had updated in the last four months, and still having problems, it could be a Windows update problem couldn’t it? Just speculating. Something changed to upset the status quo.

  3. Update – the light bulb that is my internet connection is still on. Disabling ipv6 has worked. It may be a crude method, but the connection is now faultless, no new router was required, and no advanced technical knowledge required to resolve the problem.

  4. ok im having this issue and have tried all these fixes from regedit, to disable IPv6. my Internet access is a direct connect, via NICS i have disable the power down option also ..
    every now and then with out waring i lose IE access and Outlook fails. yet Skype and MSN, still work fine . the only way i can fix it is to reboot im now pulling my hair out any one got some ideas please

  5. Disabling IPv6 does work. I went through my ISP help desk, manufacturer, reseller, paid Plum Choice with no success. As soon as I unchecked IPv6, BOOM everything worked. I didn’t even have to get out of the pop up window.

    I had also previously gone into Device Manager and under Network adapters, disabled an IPv4 to IPv6 network controller. That by itself didn’t work but the combination may have been the full trick.

  6. I had the same problem for nearly a year now, was short of buying a new laptop, since reinstalling the OS did not help, neither did disabling software I thought could be the culprit. till 3 days ago AVG had aversion update and disabled windows defender automatically. At first I kept turning it back on, didn’t know why it was off, at the same time I had to restart my laptop more frequently then what I had to already, I kept losing the Internet connection to all my web browsers. I did some research, read that AVG anti-spyware and windows defender don’t work together. so since defender is off, I had no restarts anymore. my laptop has been on for more then 24 hours, has still Internet connection.

  7. I hope that your spelling is better on the sites you build for your customers, Mr. Norwich Web Design!

  8. What was possibly most interesting is that the commenter was from New Delhi and not Norwich.

  9. Hi there

    We have a home PC with Vista on it. It has been fine for years, but recently when you start it you can see that it is not connecting to the internet. It comes up showing with a yellow triangle on it and excalamtion mark, which I know means the internet won’t work. It takes about 3 goes and then eventually connects. I was reading the comments and noticed the ones saying to disable Internt Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6). We have Internt Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv4)as well. Can someone explain what IPv6 does and why are there suggestions to disable it.


  10. An explanation here:

    The only reason to disable it in Vista home is if you are having Internet connection problems. Do not know why this occurs, but if it fixes the problem by disabling, that will do. I am now on Windows 7 and have not had any problems at all (touch wood). After messing about with IPv6 on Vista I did get a more stable connection.

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