New Tool For Online Marketers

by Jeff Sliger

New Tool For Online Business

For online marketers, just having a great website is not the answer but getting that website found.  When potential customers are search for the products and services the business has to offer, success or failure boil down to where a website ranks in search results.

Now there is a new tool available for website managers that can show them the areas they need to work on without having to go back to school and learn Search Engine Marketing.

The new tool is called The SEO Difference Engine and it is a professional quality search optimization tool set built for any business that wants to improve their search ranking.  By comparing their own website side-by-side to that of their competitors to determine which areas they need to improve.

The SEO Difference Engine breaks down webpages into components that search engines view to determine whether a website is relevant to be presented in Search Results. By viewing their own website right beside the websites that already rank on page one of search results, website managers can see what on page elements they need to change.

Then they get to see extensive linking reports for their own website and that of their competitors.  The SEO Difference Engine uses Link data gathered from over 40 billion URLs and details information of more 370 billion links, updated every 30 days.

The link report is broken down to internal links for the domain, inbound links coming from other domains and Anchor Text of the links. By analyzing the link information website owners can see places the competition has links, the value of those links so they can target their link building efforts.

Since most Internet users start at a search engine such as Google or Bing, being found at the top of relevant search terms is vital.  If a business has to rely on Pay-Per-Click advertising to be found, they are essentially paying for window shoppers in a down economy.  Potential customers don’t stop shopping, they just take longer to buy.  With PPC the business has to pay for each visit.

The SEO Difference Engine helps web based marketers improve their natural search ranking of their website by comparing it to their competitors.  By being able to identify what the high-ranking websites are doing in a given industry, online marketers can adjust their own website to rank better.

Natural/Organic Search Results

A website that constantly ranks at the top of search results it’s because the Search Engine finds that website “MORE RELEVANT” than others.  In other words, the search engine finds the website to be the best answer for a given query. That Difference is what the SEO Difference Engine is designed to identify.

Now an online marketer with no experience in Search Optimization can look at and compare their website to the leaders of their particular market, and build an effective strategy to surpass the competition.

Jeff Sliger, is a Search Engine Optimization specialist at in the greater Seattle area. He brings unique experience, perspective and passion for small business to the SEO field.

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