Sound Lost When Transferring from MPG to FLV

I have a problem that I am struggling to resolve. When I convert a video recorded using my Sony Camcorder from MPG to FLV, using FFMPEG, I lose the sound. I have done a little reading, and am currently struggling to fix this problem, but I think that is has something to do with some sound codecs not being installed. One one site I have read:

“By default flv selects mp3 audio but that is not configured in your
ffmpeg. Install lame, make distclean, add –enable-mp3lame to configure
command, make, retry. Some containers select default codecs that may not be
installed, and do so silently” – from

So, looks like I need to install something, but what and how? Maybe there is something listed in the synaptic package manager that I can install……

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  1. OK, I have installed Lame using the synaptic package manager. The installation notes say:

    Lame is a program which can be used to create compressed audio files. (Lame
    aint MP3 encoder). These audio files can be played back by popular mp3
    players such as mpg123. To read from stdin, use “-” for infile. To write
    to stdout, use a “-” for outfile.

    So, hopefully this will do the trick, although I have no idea at present of what is meant by “distclean”! But the –enable-mp3lame makes sense now.

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