Strange Cold Calling Tactics From Cheap Phone Companies

poor telephone line soundI just had a very strange call from a company that first seemed to call itself Microsoft, but later spelt out their name to me as MICROTALK. I think this is them:

So funny. First, the line is so bad I can hardly understand the sales women. Sounded like she was calling from a wind tunnel, in India.

Then the sales pitch…. “you are paying expensive and fluctuating prices” …. “ours is cheaper” ….. “from next month you will be saving money”….

I asked her how much I pay now, she did not know. How can you guarentee cheaper if you do not know what I pay now?

I asked if the line quality is always this bad, as I could hardly hear here over all the interference. She did not reply. She just said;

“I will transfer you to my supervisor who will MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND“.

Great. I was scared by this point, thought some sort of Jedi mind trick was going to get me to agree to something I really did not want, so I hung up.

It is amazing what people are doing now. This call certainly came from overseas, across a very bad line – the worse line I have heard in a long time. Yet they are trying to sell me a telephone service. If they were selling hearing aids I may have been tempted today.

But they were also so aggressive. Telling me that next month I will be saving money on my new service, that it is better, that what I am paying now is not good. I was very careful not to say the words “yes”, “ok” or anything at all positive, in case they used that as a way to force me off my current provider (Opal Talk Talk / Talk Business – I forget what they are calling themselves at the moment).

What made me laugh more than anything (OK, I have not actually laughed at this) was their website, and specifically the image for their “Business Solutions”, which is 3 people randomly pointing at a laptop screen. If there is one image that conveys the idea of haphazard management, confusion and poor quality it is an image of people being confused over a tiny computer. The image above is from their website.

I have only just noticed that on their website they offer “24 MB Broadband”. I should have asked them how they were going to provide that to me. Maybe that is why the voice calls are so bad? All the bandwidth is used for super fast Internet?

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