Talking To Robots – Talking To Nobody But Myself

Running various blogs I get many spam comments. Most of them are trashed immediately, sometimes I reply, after removing the links, just to leave a witty comment.

Today someone wrote the following comment on a blog that I manage:

“Took me time to look at every one of of the comments, other than I really loved the commentary. It proved being in reality obliging to me and I am positive to every single one the commenters here! It’s normally polite whenever you can not just be informed, but in addition entertained! I am helpful you had enjoyable writing this write-up.”

What was silly was that this was the first comment on this particular post. Some posts have over 500 comments, all the top 100 posts have some comments, but this person “chose” a post with no comments on.

I replied, although I could not think of a witty remark, so just said “Hi Boulanger, thank you for saying that, but you are the first to comment. What comments are you referring to?”.

Then I did a search for their comment to see if they had commented on other blogs. I found nothing the same in Google, but many similar. Then it occurred to me that thus was an automated comment spam that uses a comment “content spinner” to create slightly different gibberish each time, but always leaving their link.

So, I just had a conversation, of sorts, with a robot. It made me feel suddenly lonely and lost. Where is my real community? The Internet is full of flucking spamming robots these days. We need more people. Well, more efficient moderators. Nothing gets past me, robots you may as well stay away.

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