Techy Christmas Trees

Everyone loves a good Christmas tree. There are big ones, bushy ones, real ones and fake ones. Some are covered in fake snow, some drip with tinsel and twinkly lights. But no matter what kind of tree you have, it’s definitely not Christmas without it!

For those of us with a sweet tooth for awesome tech, Christmas trees have become something of a creative playground. There are so many cool things to do with the humble tree. Read on to see our 10 favourite creative tech trees.

Currys Gadget Christmas Tree

Christmas time brings along with it an array of Christmas adverts. Some are good, others are really not. But one that sticks out this year is Curry’s Christmas tree ad.

The staff in the video hang all sorts of gadgets from the ceiling at different heights, turn out the lights and bam, you’ve got yourself a Christmas tree! It’s decorated with the lights from thousands of tiny displays and while it is an obvious marketing tool, you can’t help but think about the amount of time that must have taken to set up and the pure awesomeness of the tree. If only they had them in every store!

Laser Tree

This is an offering from our friends in Tokyo. Some of the most creative tech comes from Japan and so it isn’t really a surprise that a couple of these entries hail from there. The Laser tree is particularly special because of its immense size and the complicated technology used to programme the effects. There must have also been a constant smoke machine going on in sync to help the lasers to project. It really is a beautiful feat of engineering!

If you’re watching the video, make sure you see it all the way through to see what the lasers can really do!

Pacman Tree

Pacman is one of those retro games that holds a special place in our hearts. We simply can’t get enough of that hungry yellow disc, if the memorable Pacman Google doodle is anything to go by.

We’re not sure who made the initial leap from childhood computer game to Christmas tree, but we’re glad they did. If only they had created a playable version, that would have been amazing.

LED Tree

Some of the more technical among us might be able to make one of these at home. There are a couple of different examples online and they all look pretty cool. This is the spinning LED Christmas tree.

Made from a Christmas tree-shaped frame, covered in lights and mounted on a fan, it’s a really cool sight to see. Why not have a go yourself?

Xmas Tree Projection

Now this is possibly the best Christmas thing we’ve seen in years!

It may be simple, but by using an everyday projector and a Christmas tree, these guys have made something truly special. It really does need to be seen to be believed. And yes, we did watch the video back again and again and again.

OLED Christmas Tree

With the age of flexible displays upon us, these guys wanted to show off their hard work with the world’s first OLED Christmas tree.

It may be a few years old now, but that doesn’t make it any less special. The fact that this gently glowing Christmas tree was created from a rolled up length of OLED display is truly mind-boggling.

Circuit board tree

Ok, so this might not be strictly high tech, but it’s techy all the same. PCBs are already dressed for the season with their gently shimmering green and gold hues so it’s only logical that they should become part of a Geek Chic Christmas. It’s such a simple yet elegant idea.

GM Glowing tree

High tech trees don’t have to be electronic. Students at Hertfordshire College have seen to that! They say that it’s possible to actually genetically modify Christmas trees to produce glowing leaves.

That’s right, glowing leaves. It’s like we’d be growing our own fairy lights! Who knows what would come next, maybe a rippling glow like you see on those deep-sea fish. Personally, I’d love to see a GM glowing Christmas tree. Just think of the electricity savings we’d all make!

Tree to Music

Never failing to impress, it’s the classic tree with lights set to music. They’re particularly popular in the states, and it’s a shame we don’t see more here!

This tree is from somewhere in the states and the number of lights and sound cues are staggering. It’s hard to get your head around just how many lights and sound cues there are here, but all the hard work is rewarded with one awesome show!

Rocket Powered Christmas Tree

Once Christmas is over and done with, how is best to dispose of the tree? It’s served you very well over the last few weeks, but when Christmas is over, it’s really time to pack it away. No one likes taking down decorations, especially when it’s so much fun putting them up.

This guy has found a great way of disposing of his old tree. It’s the Rocket Powered Christmas Tree!

Yes, that’s a Rocket Powered Christmas Tree. Take a moment and let those words sink in. Then watch the video.

Try it yourself; all you need is some rocket fuel… OK, maybe don’t try it yourself. We wouldn’t want to be the one cleaning up after that.

So there’s our list of the 10 best creative, yet geeky, Christmas trees. Have a Merry Techy Christmas!

Wishing you a very happy tech-mas from Prezzybox at Xmas.

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