Time To Try Ubuntu? Version 10.04 Lucid Lynx Rocks According to Matt Cutts

I have dabbled with Ubuntu (a Linux distribution) for a few years, but never had it installed as my main operating system. It sits on my spare computer as a back up PC. Mostly I run it for a Virtual box with Windows XP /IE6 running for testing websites. I used to use it for GIMP (open source photo editing software) a lot, then got GIMP on Windows, then got Photoshop. Originally I used it for hosting my own websites.

Matt Cutt’s, whop works for Google, recently buzzed about the latest version of Ubuntu. He was also playing about with solid state drives recently (I did not read those buzzes) so looks like he has put it all together. This is what he buzzed:

“Today I installed Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) on a computer that I bought back in 2007. I got an Intel X25-M solid state drive to speed things up. The short version is that Lucid plus an SSD kicks ASS. Boot time in Jaunty with a mechanical hard drive: 20.12 seconds. Boot time of Lucid: 12.23 seconds. Also, so far Lucid fixes every single annoyance that has bugged me in the past about Ubuntu. Obscure printers work and rough edges have been sanded down.”

Matt suggests that now it is a good time to upgrade Ubuntu to the latest version and if you have never tried it, to give it a go. Ubuntu, like all Linux operating systems, is open source, and therefore free. All you need to do is download it, burn it to disk and then use the disk to install it on another PC.

To learn more about Ubuntu and download it, visit their website: Ubuntu.com

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