Google’s Wonder Wheel Search Tool

Just spotted a new Google search feature – Wonder Wheel.

After typing in your search term you can press “Wonder Wheel” down the left hand side. It shifts the search results to the right and gives your a wheel of options, alternative searches. You can then click one, it will display results for that search, then give more options.

An interesting way to refine a search. and also an interesting insight into how Google relates similar searchers.

And now a photo.

Wonder Wheel

Below the wheel you can see a trail of circles. Each one represents a search option that I followed. We end up with a pretty obscure search really, but it does beg a question – are all of these real searches that somebody has performed in the past, or are they made up based on relations between keywords on similar sites.

I cannot help thinking that this Wonder Wheel must be providing a fascinating insight into how Google works, but at the moment, I have not quite worked it out. Certainly more fun that relying on Google Instant to chose keywords….

One Comment

  • I have just discovered the wonder wheel. I enjoy using it, as you say preferable to Google Instant.

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