Is the BT Infinity / Broadband hub safe?

You may have seen in the news this week that some routers are failing security tests putting home computers at serious risk of being hacked.

Over the past week owners of Linksys and Asus routers have experienced hacking attacks which are exploiting loopholes in the built-in firewalls.

The Moon virus

A virus, called The Moon, has been created to seek out vulnerable routers, take control and then scan for other vulnerable systems.

The InfoSec Community Forums has a page dedicate to what we know so far about TheMood virus: Linksys Worm “TheMoon” Summary: What we know so far

There is only a risk to PC owners if the Remote Management Access feature on a Linksys router is turned on.

Many routers sold online are posing a serious risk. The BBC reports that; “A separate study by security firm Tripwire has found that 80% of the 25 best-selling routers available on Amazon are vulnerable to compromise.”

There is no sign that BT’s home hubs, which are one of the most popular routers in the UK and supply BT’s broadband and Infinity services to homes, is in any way vulnerable.


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