A Week at IKEA – daily strange spam

I get a lot of spam, it comes with running websites I guess. Today was possibly the strangest. OK, no mention of spells to get an ex-girldfied back or a sure way to rocket my website to the top of all search engines, but strange all the same.

The subject of the email was “A Week at IKEA”

It was from a ststephensinc@yahoo.com, and sent today (19th March 2014) at 14:52 (4 hours ago no less). This is what it said:

Harry said Fred elbowing Percy out of the way and bowing deeply Simply splendid to see

i’ve sent you a facebook alert

Click Here To Show Email Contents

The “click here” goes to an IP address, this is the format. I have changed the IP by adding one to each number, the rest of the URL remains the same. I have not opened it as I suspect that it could be worse than the usual spam, i.e. it could be a virus / malware. But if somebody who is tech savvy wants to open it and update me below, go for it.

Just remember kids, never click weird looking links in weirder looking emails. Even if your best friends are Harry, Fred and Percy.

Update. OK, I tentatively looked at the root domain, and it goes to a website called “myoffers.co.uk” and offers a chance to win £2000 to spend at Asda. It then invites you to sign up with Facebook or sign in if you are a member. None the wiser, still do not trust the link, and certainly do not trust that website now that I am getting strange spam from it.

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