• Bloggers unite! Governments ask for advice on future of net | The Register

    Have your say today, By Kieren McCarthy Published Monday 9th October 2006 10:01 GMT, The Register “A meeting of the internet’s top brass as well as UK politicians, businessmen, and academics will take place in London at 2pm today – and bloggers have been asked to make their voices heard. Discussion will cover the future »more

  • I am back

    OK, been away from Webologist for a while, on other projects. I have learnt a lot more about websites over the last month or so, so will soon be ready to start providing some useful tips for all you budding web designers. I think I will try to cover the following topics (making no promises »more

  • More grief from website building

    Well, finally realised where I was going wrong with NVU and my pages. Needless to say, loads of work to do. I was building pages in Strict HTML which should have been transitional. Lots of faffing around, but getting them sorted. At least much fewer errors on each page.