Annoying Spammy Comments on my Blog

I get a lot of stupid comments on my blog that never make it past the strict moderators eye. Some of them are really quite funny, sort of inventive bullshit. Always they are very complimentary too. So I will share them here, as comments as they are intended to be, but I shall write them myself.

To avoid any confusion, in case some real good comments come through, all the spammy comments will be by Mrs. Pam Mer.

6 Comments on “Annoying Spammy Comments on my Blog”

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  4. Ok the first was nice. I added the others just to show those that do not manage a blog the sort of crap we have to put up with. No idea what the Russian one says, I guess I should find out.

    The “ha ha ha…” one also cam with 2 Blogspot blogs linked. I mean, that is lazy isn’t it? Why not just write something relevant? Or are all of these automated black hat spam bots?

    And I cannot find the others, must have deleted the emails…..

  5. Thanks for the post. Sometimes it’s not so much about the position but the tone in which it’s reported, don’t you think? Love your humor! Brill!

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