Guest Blogging – Avoid Crap Sites

You may be tempted to guest blog to get “natural” links. Well, if you do, be careful.

A lot of low quality sites have moved into the guest blogging realm, both in receiving and submitting guest posts. Many sites look great on the surface, but in reality they are worthless, made for advertising, spam engines that deserve nothing better than an EMP grenade shoved up their virtual bottom.

This screenshot shows some of the “results” from guest blogging I did in 2012. For each guest post that I had published I added the URL to a private page in WordPress. With the excellent Broken Link Checker running all the time, I would be alerted to blog posts disappearing.

I soon got bored of checking the reports and soon learned that there is no point in contacting the host blogger to ask why the page was deleted. They never reply because they are mostly scum.

And that’s it. Lesson of the day – find a good website, build a relationship, offer a guest post. Some people call it outreach. I think I will call it talking to other people. Not all of the sites listed here are bad, just some. Some just delete posts without telling anybody, but they are OK. Just saying.

guest blogging death


  1 comment for “Guest Blogging – Avoid Crap Sites

  1. Houston Erickson
    June 28, 2013 at 12:55 am

    While it’s a monster in the blogging niche, Pro Blogger probably isn’t one of the better blogs to target for a guest posting campaign.

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