What Defines an English person? Google is Being Cheeky Again!

If you search Google for “what defines an english person?” at the moment the result is rather cheeky. The screenshot of my search results show the first result, a result that I cannot possibly repeat here without causing offence. OK, as there should not be any children reading this blog, I will tell you. A search for “what defines an english person?” brings up the Wikipedia page for Cunt as the first result. Well, isn’t that nice!

The only words highlighted on the search results page are “defined”, “English” from “Compact Oxford English Dictionary” and “person” from “an unpleasant or stupid person”. So, either Google is making a big mistake, someone at Google is being very cheeky, or some people have been “Google bombing” this search phrase. Which is it?

Google search results for What defines an English person
Google search results for "What defines an English person"

I guess I will soon find out if writing naughty words in blog posts gets your dumped by Google. It is an assumption that this is the case. Although Wikipedia seem to be immune to this, if it is true.

The same result is also seen at no.1 for “Define an English person“. Apparently there have been some complaints in the Google webmaster forums about this, although I have not read them yet myself.

Anyway, why does Wikipedia’s Cunt page rank first? I quick review of text links in Blekko do not suggest any Google bombing for “English people” so this could just be one of those freakish anomolies. A few names do come up there, which is rather funny.

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