Bluefish – Linux just gets better.

The first time I looked at Linux was when I used a Knoppix Live CD. The reason I used the CD was actually to rescue some files from my wife’s hard drive after her windows installation died. While browsing through the applications on Knoppix I was quite impressed with the Bluefish HTML/web designers editor. Ubuntu comes with Screem, which looks OK, but not as impressive as Bluefish. Anyway, I just installed Bluefish. What prompted me to blog about this is that a few weeks ago when I first installed Ubuntu only my old pc, I felt really uneasy with using the terminal to do anything. I am starting to know my way around, and can even remember several different commands without having to look them up. But the point I am making, is that I have just installed Bluefish, and it was so straightforward. I have installed several new applications on my Ubuntu system this weekend, but only now it struck me that it now actually seems easier to install application on Linux than on Windows.

To install Bluefish, all I had to do was type: sudo apt-get install bluefish

Simple. I did not have to search for the Bluefish homepage, and select a file to download, then chose to install it, and decide where it should go, and sit and watch while Windows did it all. After typing “sudo apt-get install bluefish” Linux took over from there and installed it, all ready to go, without me have to lift a finger. Now that is a sensible operating system.

If a few more applications were available on Linux, such as Jalbum and Photoshop, I may actually migrate totally to Linux. Saying that, Linux does have its Gimp Image Editor, which is apparently very good. However, as yet I have not investigated to see if it can read Canon CR2 RAW files. If it can, then maybe I am almost a total Linux convert! Born again Unix user. Now there’s an idea for a new website….

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