Do You Need a Website? Use This Flowchart to Determine if You Really Need a Website

In an increasingly online world, the question “Do I need a website?” is one which you should consider carefully. The main thing to think about is the purpose of the website you may make. If it is for personal use, then a social network such as Twitter or Facebook may be better.

However, if the purpose is to promote an idea or product, then you may be better suited to having a website which potential customers can access quickly. There are sites, as you can see from this infographic, which allow you to build your own website efficiently with little cost. If you require more advanced or tailored programming, it may be necessary to hire a team of developers, which this chart can help you decide on. If you think that the best idea would be to create your own website, Basekit offers a huge range of content that can be included easily. This infographic can make your thought process more clear, and was designed by people who know the best use for each solution.

Should You Build a Website Infographic

If you’re sure you need a full on site why not create your own website for free with Basekit – who produced this infographic. Get embed code here.

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