Build Your Own Google Glass – Save $500

Google Glass is still in its testing phase and is not commercially available yet. However, this has prompted one tech student to create their own version.

What Is Google Glass?

Google Glass is basically a voice-controlled camera / mobile phone with GPS and access to the Internet which is built in to a pair of glasses. You can record video, take photos and look up information without having to use your hands. They also have Google Navigation built in, so you will never get lost again. They are designed to be strong and light, and you should also be able to add prescription lenses to the frame. However, not every body agrees that they are a great idea.

Warning – fake imitations are already appearing on eBay – beware, there are no real ones for sale at the moment.

Build Your Own Google Glass

Nathan Myers testing his latest Flass frame.
Nathan Myers testing his latest Flass frame.

It is thought that when Google Glasses are eventually released to the public they will retail for at least $500. This has prompted Nathan Myers, a 20 year-old Australian tech support worker, to develop his own pair at a fraction of the price.

He has called his version of Google Glass Flass. He has used a MyVu Crystal 701 screen connected to a Samsung Galaxy S i9000.

Myer’s Flass allows him to open emails using an app (Tasker) and speak replies using another app (Utter!).

Myers says that the technology needed to build your own Google Glass type pair of glasses is already available to the average person. They may not look as stylish, but it apparently works pretty well.

More information on Flass version 5.0 can be found on

Flass Demo Video

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