Where can we buy Charlie Hebdo?

Charlie Hebdo 2Charlie Hebdo’s circulation has gone from a print of 60,000 copies, of which only about 30,000 were ever sold (why did they always over-print by such a large margin?) to three million copies, following the attack on their offices in which 8 Charlie Hebdo employees were killed, including editor Stéphane “Charb” Charbonnier.

Charlie Hebdo is of course in French only and there were rumours that the “Survivors edition” is being printed in other languages, including English, but I have not seen any confirmation of this. But, is it being sold outside of Paris or France? I wanted a copy so decided to start digging.

The Newsstand.co.uk website usually sells it, but they have had to stop taking orders. saying: “Due to extremely high demand, we have had to suspend purchases at this time. We hope to reinstate this option once supply levels have been adjusted, please return Tuesday PM for an update.” The Current Issue is not available, but it usually sells for £4.65 inc p&p.

eBay seems to be the first place to look for those who cannot get along to a newsagent in Paris. Some eBay sellers are already advertising the January 14th edition for between $90 and $500. Obviously, they do not yet have a copy.

Barnes and Noble told Heavy.com that they might be getting some copies in their Union Square store.

There is speculation that many airport magazine stands will sell it, although this is a bit of a long-shot for anybody who is not planning a trip to the airport on the fourteenth.

For Londoners, one Reddit user said that there is a French-owned newsagent in Golders Green that usually sells it. “If you come out of the station and take a right, towards L’Artista under the bridge, then take a left until opposite the HSBC, there’s a little shop on its own on the corner.” – The news-stand Seems to sit on a traffic island!

Streetview / Map: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.571843,-0.195493,3a,72.9y,52.92h,67.81t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sTZkcGBQ6MxFtPSjfQUBeWw!2e0

Buy on Amazon?

If you are really keen, you can buy a one year subscription on Amazon.com for $181.39 ($3.49/issue) and shipping is always free.- it’s a bit of an overkill but if might be the best chance, if you order today (13th) to ensure getting the 14th edition in your first month. I cannot see it in the Amazon UK .

Get a French friend to buy it

Your best bet really is to get a French friend in France to grab a copy and post it to you. It will no doubt sell out fast.

It is not going to be easy to get a copy. I am hoping some libraries will have a copy that I can at least take a look at.

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