Dark Clouds on the Horizon – Google Drive is Down

Update on Google Drive: Burnt.
Update on Google Drive: Burnt.

When I started a new job about 7 months ago I recommended that we move away from Excel spreadsheets shared in Dropbox and do everything on Google Drive. I am starting to regret that now. Google Sheets, and all other Google Drive products, appear to be down. Some load sloooooowly, but many are not loading at all. We have not made backups. This is a royal PITA, to say the least.

I am desperately trying to load this month’s Google Sheet, which plans all the content creation for the October, but it just is not loading.

A good reminder to:

  1. Never rely entirely on a single service
  2. Always backup – either backup local files to the cloud, or vice versa

Although, too late at the moment.

I have do faith in Google to recover what has gone wrong. But, as each hour passes, my faith diminishes ever so slightly more. If it is down on Monday morning, I will be screwed.

They have updated their Twitter page:

This is what I get if I try to open a Google Sheet:

Google Drive Gone


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