Google Adsense Gets New Logo

This has to be one of the most mundane Internet news updates for some time …. but, I just noticed a new favicon on my Google Adsense link, so fired up the admin panel and they have a new logo!

Google Adsense logo

The Google Adsense announced the new logo on Google+ a couple of days ago. In the post they say, “We are proud to help people do more of what they love around the world.”

Well, isn’t that nice.

If you haven’t tried Adsense on your blog or website, you really should. It is a very easy way to monetise a site. If you are getting regular traffic (readers) to your blog, consider adding a few ads. Even if you do not become a big-time publisher (very few do!) you may earn enough to pay for the running of your site.

Webologist earn a few pounds a month with Adsense. It certainly is not making me rich, but this easily covers the cost of keeping the domain name and hosting the site – if I am not making a loss, the site can continue to live on for another year or so!


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