Google Android Eclair Released to Developers

Google has released version 2 of its Android operating system to Android application developers.

We are expecting to see a lot more synchronisation with the new Android OS. Although much is under wraps sill, we are expected there to be photo and video synchronisation, so that all photos taken will be streamed over to more secure storage on the Google cloud servers.

Xavier Ducrochet who is the head of technical development provided some information on the Android developer blog:

“Using the new sync, account manager and contacts APIs, you can write applications to enable users to sync their devices to various contact sources. You can also give users a faster way to communicate with others by embedding Quick Contact within your application. With the new Bluetooth API, you can now easily add peer-to-peer connectivity or gaming to your applications.”

In typical Google style, earlier in the month a massive Eclair was erected on the lawns of Google’s Mountain View HQ in California. The Elcair was placed next to a giant donut and a cupcake, which were the code names of the previous Android OS releases. So it was obvious to the techy crowd that a new Android was about to be released.

Users shoulder see Android 2 installed on their phones next month.

Android 2 Features:

  • Add, synchronise and manage multiple email accounts and contact books through the device which is excellent news for people with several business accounts.
  • Archiving and searching of text messages and photo messages.
  • A better virtual keyboard – although how can virtual ever be as good as the G1 keyboard
  • Plus hopefully a lot more!

Motorola’s is releasing its own Android phone later this month. Motorola’s Sholes handset, AKA the Motorola Droid, is the first device to run the new Android 2.0 Eclair software.

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