Google Makes First Moves Towards a Full Desktop Operating System

Google Chrome really could be the Nemisis for Microsoft’s Windows. Google has been playing with Android for a couple of years now, and has Android on mobile phones and is talking about using it on Google TV and its own handheld tablet device.

The latest news is that Google is putting Chrome on notebooks. Chrome’s aim is to provide high speed Internet functions to any computer. One of the restraints on any mobile computer device is the power required to run operating systems, browsers and applications. This all means less battery life, and less usage.

Chrome is designed with minimalism at the core. It is designed to be fast and conserve resources while being very functional.

Chrome is a logical extension for Google. Google is all about the Internet. Many people think of Google as just a search engine, but Google’s products and service go far beyond search – in fact they cover the world (Google Maps and Google Earth) and space (Google Sky).

Instant Boot Up

However, what really sets Chrome apart from all competitors at the moment is that it has an almost instant boot up process. One of the bugbears of many home PC users is the time that it takes for a computer to boot up. “Why can’t my computer start as quick as my tele?”. I have heard many people ask this over the years. One chap I used to work with went as far to say that if anyone ever created a computer that could start at the push of a button he would buy it. Well, Chrome looks like it could be that computer.

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