Google Reveals the Chrome Operating System To All

Google has finally revealed the code of its Chrome operating system to the public. Chrome OS is an open source operating system, much like the Linux operating system. This essentially means that users do not have to purchase it, and there is no advertising built into it. More importantly, as it is open source, it is much easier for computer programmers to develop their own enhancements to the software.

Initially the Chrome operating system is aimed at the low-cost netbook market. It works well on the small computer because it is essentially a beefed up web browser. There is no need for a wide array of applications and programs to be installed to allow users to do everyday tasks such as check email, create documents and spreadsheets and surf the web.

Rather than storing much of the data on a PC data will be stored on Google’s secure servers. Gmail and Google Docs are already popular with its image and mapping software becoming more popular all the time.

Google techies have told us that the first all Chrome OS computers should be available by the end of 2010. Chrome is the most exiting development in computer operating systems since the launch of Lunix. Now there is a real threat to the overly commercial Microsoft.

Google first announced its intention to build an operating system in July this year. The firm has designed the system around its Chrome browser. The program was released 14 months ago and already has 40m regular users, the firm said.

“We are trying to offer a choice for users. This model of computing is fundamentally different. It’s very familiar and intuitive to users – most people know how to use the browser. There are no conventional desktop applications. That means you don’t have to install or update software. It’s just a browser; a browser with a few modifications.” Sundar Pichai, vice-president of Google Product Management.

One of the features of Chrome that will appeal to many users is its speed. It can boot up in as little as 7 seconds and this could well reduce in time. Many users ask us “why does it take so long to boot my pc now, aren’t they supposed to be getting faster?”. Well, Chrome is faster. Google’s aim is to make Chrome “blazingly fast.”

Unlike current PCs Chrome will only run on computers with solid state drives (i.e. not the tradition spinning, whirring hard disk drives). These are faster and more durable.

Exciting news for the computing world, and exciting news for Google.

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