Google’s Bad Advertising Practices

OK, I will be clear – Google are certainly not breaking any rules. It’s just, I disapprove. They do not meet my quality guidelines. Why? They are currently running an advert to promote the Google Engage Program. I mentioned this on Google+ the other day but the problem is still there (who am I kidding? Nobody will read this either). Here is their advert (note, this is an image, you cannot click it. Well, you can click it, but nothing will happen):

This Is Not An Advert
This Is Not An Advert

But, if you type into your browser Google returns a 404 message. Look:

Gogole 404 message

Clicking the ad takes you to the right page. But not everyone clicks adverts. I saw this on my own site, so naturally did not click it (clicking ads on your own site is still against Google TOS I believe even though they are now clever enough to disregard those clicks automagically).

If you are really curious, the correct URL is – at least, if you are in the UK.

Poor practice in my books.

If you display a URL, make sure it works!

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