Grumpy Dragons in the Den

The Dragons are sad

I should start by saying I love Dragons Den, and really enjoy hearing the opinions of those super-cool business men and women. But, I just looked at the Beeb’s Dragons Den page, and they really are going for that grumpy look this series.

This is obviously just a silly joke. Damn! Did I just fall for some very clever marketing???? I bet I did. They knew people like me would take the mickey out of their grumpy faces and blog about it. Ggggrr! I hate it when I fall into these trap!

Earlier today I was looking at business ventures. This will come as a major shock to people who know me. But I was thinking, maybe it is time to make a move from the online world, into the real world. At the moment I feel a bit like Neo on The Matrix. Trapped in some electronic dream. It is nice here, but I think I should get out more. In fact, this blog post is proof that I do need to get out more!

If you are at all interested (and according to my web analytics, you are not) then today I was searching for businesses in Essex. In fact, I was so impressed with how easy it now is to find business opportunities online. I do blog a lot of rubbish, but that one is actually a little bit informative. Useful if you want to buy a business in Essex. Less useful if you don’t.

Note to self: when I am a millionaire business man, I will look more like him and less like him.

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