How To Stop Those Windows 10 Pop-ups?

I use Windows 7, and I am happy with it. I really have no complaints at all. I have tried Windows 8, in fact, I now use it at work, and it is a bit of a PITA really. Windows 7 is much cleaner, with a good old-fashioned start menu and simple desktop.

But, as we know, Windows 10 is here! Woot! But, I am really not interested at all. I have read one or two things about Windows 10, and my conclusion is that I really do not need it. I am sure for some people it will be awesome, but I cannot see it improving the way I check my emails, write blogs and mess about on Facebook. Almost everything I do on my Pc is in Chrome these days, Windows won’t (or shouldn’t) change how that works.

Doing nothing seems to be the best option, whereas upgrading from 7 to 10 poses a risk to the status quo. OK, the upgrade will probably go smoothly, but what if it does not? One of my hard drives is pretty full already, my PC is a few years old now (I think I bought it in Spring 2012), and it runs Windows 7 nicely, but will it run Windows 10? To be honest, I really don’t care!

But, this evening I have had TWO annoying pop-ups from Window to tell me that I need to download Windows 10. I closed one, and assumed, or at least, hoped, that this would be a strong message to Windows to say “not interested”. But, about 15 minutes later, another annoying pop-up.

How long will I have to endure these pop-ups from Microsoft? Will I eventually succumb to their aggressive marketing tactics and install Windows 10?

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3 Comments on “How To Stop Those Windows 10 Pop-ups?”

  1. I cannot put into words how much I hate Windows 10 .. it is shocking and has just cost me £80 to pay an expert (one of the few I trust btw) to fix my laptop – now I am back to Win 7 and all is great again .. summary of upgrading to Win 10 … lost all files, lost email and contacts, internet slowed to a virtual stop. Called MS Support (who charged me btw) to sort., helpful techie but worked on my laptop via logmein for 7 hours!! I’m self employed so losing my laptop for a whole day cost me a day rate … not happy. Always been happy with MS but now I wish their was an alternative. They have become arrogant. Do not upgrade to Win 10 and I am on this site to look for a way of blocking the Win 10 pop-ups

  2. Unfortunately I did not find a solution and just caved in and updated. Fortunately, apart from having to ditch Avast! free AV and use an alternative so my start bar works, nothing else went wrong.

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