How to View G1 Android Files on Windows Vista

If like me, you have had trouble viewing your Android G1 files when connected to your PC by USB cable, then there is a simple solution. When I first connected my G1 it worked well, but after the last update, my Vista computer could not open, or see, the G1 drive. It was recognized in the “Safely Remove Hardware” window, and even said to be running OK. But still not there.

How To Fix G1 Access in Vista

There is actually more than one route, but lets take the easiest.

  1. Open the Safely Remove Hardware icon (bottom right, system tray)
  2. Check the box “Display Device Components”. You should then see HTC Android Phone USB Device
  3. Select it and press Properties
  4. Select the Policies tab, the select the Optimize for Performance radio button
  5. Close this, open the Computer directory and refresh. A new Removable Disk Drive should be there.
  6. Your photos and stuff will be in the DCIM

Happy transferring!

3 Comments on “How to View G1 Android Files on Windows Vista”

  1. hi,

    i had opened Safely Remove Hardware icon and marked “Display Device Components” but htc phone does not appears.

    i would apreciate another solution.


  2. This will not help you, but mine seems to work better now. Ah, there is an option in the phone, I change something. Dammit, cannot remember what. May come to me later.

  3. Remembered! USB Debugging mode – do you have it switched on? You can turn it off/on in Settings > Application Settings > Development > USB Debugging (in my ancient G1).

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