Problem with permissions

OK, it seems that I have a problem with permissions now (I initially thought that my .htaccess file is missing, which has code in to allow php to be parsed in html files).

Anyway, I decided to create a new .htaccess first, using:

sudo gedit /var/www/.htaccess

and got this message:

(gedit:8583): GnomeUI-WARNING **: While connecting to session manager:
Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based authentication failed.

gedit opened OK, so I went ahead anyway and added my code;

RemoveHandler .html .htm
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .htm .html

But same problem occurred. I then had a hunch that the .htaccess was there all along, chose to view hidden files, and can see it. So, what is the problem? Permissions again? I think so…

I managed to change the permissions of the directory /var/www/ so can now view all items within. However, I cannot seem to view items in the subdirectories, and the php is not being parsed / processed either.

I have attempted the following:

root@jon-desktop:/var/www# chmod -R 755 *.*
root@jon-desktop:/var# chmod 755 www

but still no luck. Regardng the php, maybe the server is not configured correctly. When I had my site hosted at 1and1 I could not parse php in html files, which is why I moved to Jumpline. Maybe I have a “1and1” set up?

Need professional assistance. Stanbey?

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