Kinect – Microsoft’s New Home Gaming Machine

Due to be released on November 4th in time for holiday season is Microsoft’s latest gaming console, Kinect. Kinect is a direct rival for the Wii, combining user interaction with excellent graphics. If there is one thing that lets Wii down it is the poor graphics.

Microsoft Kinect will be much more than a games console, with Internet, video conferencing and more casual games to attract a larger audience.

Also in the news is a new fitness game from Microsoft to rival the Wii Fit. It will feature Scary Spicy, Mel B (Melanie Brown) and will use the XBox’s camera with motion tracking software to guide players through a series of high energy workouts.

Mel B is very excited about the game and also admits that she always loves a unwind with console games in her spare time. She had these words of wisdom about getting involved;

“I believe that the upcoming new technologies will definitely deliver more to the people as it is a complete entertainment experience where television show features, videogame mechanics and fitness come into a unique and exciting formula. It is like a new media era, and I want to be a pioneer!”

As gaming consoles play a larger role in the home entertainment systems with more interaction between players locally and online it really is likely that the games companies are going to bring in bigger celebrity names to feature and endorse their products.

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  1. The Xbox Kinect is more than just a family games console, after all you can do many things that you can’t do with the Wii. The graphics are better and the Hard Drive storage on the new Xbox is far superior to the Wii. There is no need for controllers which meansless battery and recharging cost. If you have a young family like I do, you don’t have to worry about the kids misusing the controllers or dropping them in there juice. Kinect does have voice recognition so if the kids are playing up and reality wrestling rather than virtual wrestling you can just screampause and Kinect will pause. Unfortunately this doesn’t generally work with the kids, well not in my house anyway. There is no doubt your whole family will have a lot of fun with the Kinect and it is taking interactive gaming to another level. To be fair , Microsoft were falling behind a bit recently in the games console world and it’s about time they stepped up to the plate and with Xbox Kinect, they have done exactly that in my opinion. Whether it has bugs or little minor problems remains to be seen and as with all these things, the proof is in the ongoing sales rather than the initial sales onslaught of inquisitive techno-holics who buy any new gadget released.

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