Lazy Town NEEDS a HERO!!! – A YouTube Video Montage with a Cracking Soundtrack

This is simply a user created video montage with “Holding Out for a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler as the soundtrack. My son loves Sportacus and Lazy Town and this song brings back memories of my childhood. A simple idea well executed.

This is what the author says:

I don’t think anyone has done a vid to this song yet…and I CAN’T believe they haven’t…so I HOPE the EMP has done this song proud and LAZY TOWN’S ONLY slightly above average SUPERHERO!!!

This is an AWESOME SONG that showcases Sportacus’ many unique moves and abilities! WE need a HERO and he NEEDS this song!!


By YouTube user TheEmpressAR.

Learn more about the real Sportacus at Sportacus is one of the few healthy role models for children. He encourages children to eat “Sports Candy”, which are apples and other fresh fruits and vegetables, and gets children active. Many children and adults alike are inspired by his work, for Sportacus is not a totally fictional character – the real man is Magnus Scheving who went from being an ordinary energetic kid to a European gymnastics champion in a few short years.

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