Problems With Watching Videos On Youtube

If you cannot see any videos on YouTube at the moment then this is because of a widespread fault with the system. Google is hopefully on the case, fixing the issue now.

Latest updates from the Twittersphere:

  • sillysaucepan‎: I can’t watch any youtube videos. FML. Twitter – 14 minutes ag
  • sarahmeana‎: I can’t get any videos to play on Youtube, very annoying! Twitter – 16 minutes ago
  • VaniSpears‎: CAN’T WATCH VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE, THATS RUDE. Twitter – 18 minutes
  • J4mm1nJ03‎: RT @anamanaguchicant wait til we’re famous enough to have vevo commercials before our youtube videos… Twitter – 18 minutes ago

Strange problem.

I only noticed as I was editing a webpage with a YouTube video embedded and the URL was showing, instead of the video. I went to Youtube and although I can see the video thumbs none play.

One interesting thing is that I have a video open in another browser (a one hour presentation by Marissa Meyer, Google Search) and that still works.

I am sure it will all be working soon, and that Google has not deleted everyone’s videos in a crazy server malfunction.

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  1. Webologist
    December 2, 2010 at 8:24 pm

    Strange, in the YouTube latest on Google, lots of people still talking about YouTube, no new mentions of it being broken. More soon.

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