Reliability Analysis Metrics Calculation Executable Has Stopped Working

Reliability analysis metrics calculation executable has stopped workingI have been using Windows Vista for a few years now but today I had a strange pop-up telling me that “Reliability analysis metrics calculation executable has stopped working” and asking if I would like Windows to check online for a solution or to close it. I chose to close it. Maybe not a good idea, who knows? Well, what is it then?

I have Googled the problem and there is nothing specific. On one response to this problem (the person asking started getting the error hourly) was:

“check HHD SMART and do a mem test. could be some data corruption it’s a shot” BoT, 28 July 2010 –


It has also been discussed on Tom’s Hardware. Seems to be the same person asking actually, as the exact same question. Alternative suggestions given are:

“run prime95” – leon2006, 08-08-2010

However, someone else replied that;

“Prime95 is a Stress test. Completely Useless for the problem you are having.. Try to do a big system restore.. Or Type COMP.. Computer Management and look for the problem there.” – KevinCooper   01-06-2011

There was no follow up on the problem.

So I am still none the wiser.

System Restore was suggested as a fix. Strange, I have not installed any new software for a while so no idea what could cause this rare problem. I will see how it goes for a while, maybe a reboot will sort it out.

Microsfoft’s Answer

Ah ha, found an answer on

“How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7
Note: once you complete the troubleshooting with clean boot follow steps 7 to place the computer back to its usual way

Start your computer in safe mode

If none of the options work perform system restore”

Basically, a clean boot involves rebooting the PC with all start-up programs disabled and then disabling all non-Microsoft services. If the problem has gone on the boot, you then enable half the service and try again, and start to eliminate the healthy services and hopefully track down the problem.

At do not have time to do this right now. Will have to wait! Will probably do a new data backup before fiddling about with this!

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