Apache issues: ou don’t have permission to access /index.html on this server

OK, last night I installed Apache and PHP. I was going to install MySQL this evening, but I decided that instead I would start with the next project I have, which is updating the web design for this blog

So I thought that the most sensible way to do this would be to upload all the files to the server and work on it in Linux, rather than work on it in the editor then upload to my web host’s server without any testing.

First problem I had was that I did not have permission to copy files to /var/www/

I searched Google, and found an instruction, which I followed:

chown -R me /var/www/

I then simply copied the files from my external USB drive to the directory. I really need to find out how to copy direct from windows. Was asked for a password when I tried. Anyway, once all files were copied over, I pointed the broswer to http://localhost/ again, but this time was greeted with


You don’t have permission to access /index.html on this server.

Apache/2.2.3 (Ubuntu) PHP/5.2.1 Server at localhost Port 80So, why is this? Does only user jon have access, and not any browser?


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  1. No, did not think of that. Since then I have decided to host the sites within my home directory, as that seems easier to manage. Hoping to soon upgrade the whole server anyway, so maybe an opportunity to take another new approach!

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