Steve Jobs Quits as Apple CEO

News just in that Steve Jobs has stepped down from his position of CEO for Apple. He will remain as chairman though.

He stepped down a few years ago when he was recovering from pancreatic cancer but took control again once he was fit to do so.

Tim Cook Replaces Steve Jobs

Tim Cook is replacing Steve Jobs as CEO. Tim Cook was Steve Job’s preferred choice to take the role of CEO.

Finally we will find out if Apple’s critics are correct in thinking that Apple without Jobs is destined to failure.

Already stock prices have fallen amidst fears that with Steve Jobs steering Apple it could just all fall apart, although investors do tend to worry about nothing at the best of times.

Apple is such a strong brand with a massive and loyal client base using its iPhones, iPads and iPods all over the world, as well as its MacBooks, Mac mini and other popular computers.

Steve Jobs was a Visionary

Steve Jobs certainly was a visionary. Much of computing as we know it today has developed on the back of ideas and products that he and his team developed.

Steve was the man that helped to develop the ground breaking Apple II Series in the 1970’s. He worked with Apple’s other founders,  Steve Wozniak and Mike Markkula.

Inventor of the Mouse

You are probably holding one of the most innovate inventions for the computer in your hand right now, and that was one of Steve Jobs’ ideas. Or at least, he got it into production. Steve Jobs has been accredited for making the mouse a commercial success when it was used in the Apple Macintosh to control the GUI.

The computer industry will be sorry to see Steve Jobs step down. Interesting times ahead.

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