Suggestion For Google Search Team: Product Review Pages

Sometimes I loiter about in non-techy forums, and today someone raised a point that has annoyed me a lot in the past too.

Google is too good at listing some pages. OK, what I really mean, is that webmasters are too good at getting their spammy web pages listed in Google. The most annoying example today of “spam” in my opinion (or spam that still gets through to the first page of Google) are review pages which just have a product name, description and then “be the first person to review this”.

These pages generally come up when you search for a product by name + review. The last time I was searching for a review I looked at about 10 pages inviting me to be the first to review the page before I eventually found some useful information.

So today’s suggestion to Google is: if a “review page” has the poison words “be the first” do not display the result unless someone types into Google search “I want to review….”.


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