T-mobile G1 Users Still Waiting for Latitude

The UK Android population are still eagerly awaiting the latest firmware release for the T-mobile’s Google phone, the G1. The lastest software update, also know as RC33, has been rolled out over much of the USA already. Apart from improved efficiency, resulting in reduced battery consumption, RC33 brings Google’s slightly controversial Latitude and Voice Search. Latitude allows users to share their location with friends by link up with the inbuilt GPS. Many people fear that it will result in people spying on each other, but this is really just the usual Google bashing, as users do not have to use Latitude, and can choose who they share with. Also location can be manually set. Ultimately Latitude, along with applications such as Compass and HereIAm could become essential safety and survival tools. Once 100% GPS and 3G coverage is achieved, hill walkers ans mountaineers may never get lost again (battery permitting). I tested HereIAm on the train last night, and although it warns to only take a GPS reading while stationary, I managed to get an accurate reading.

So, when will the UK get RC33? Our sources suggest that it is now only days away. One week tops.

6 Comments on “T-mobile G1 Users Still Waiting for Latitude”

  1. There are a few reasons for the delayed roll out to the UK, one being problems with the voice recognition software, which was thoroughly tested with American accents, but less so with you Brits! But I can guarantee that Latitude is only a few more days away. Keep your phones glued to the network!

  2. Finally got the RC33 release and despite having Google Maps 3.0, Lattitide doesn’t work. It just opens Maps up with a blank world map.

    Phoned T-Mobile and they put me though to a technical support dept for HTC who said it was “nothing to do with them” and also that they “don’t have managers”, a sure sign of a bunch of lying bastards.

    Phoned back. Got cut off. Phoned back again, told to turn phone on and off again (tried already, did again) and got one of those “>pers” network messages that do nothing for the G1.

    Still doesn’t work, T-Mobile are going to call me back but I hold out no hope whatsoever.

    £40 a month for a phone and the company supplying it doesn’t know how to support it, so my advice is


    if you want to use any of the features. And all I want to do is it use it to plan walking routes. Wish I’d got a Glofiish now.

  3. Unfortunately due to the completely new OS on the phone networks cannot currently offer decent help. True this is a pain. I called customer services when I had a problem and the advisor was basically googleing my question.

    This is one of the best things behind Android. We have thousands of geeks who love this phone and know it inside and out. All you gota do is search.

    As for Google latitude it would appear that it has been disabled in the UK. I read a comment from someone inside Google saying it is it do with the UK government and privacy issues. However blackberry users in the UK have had access to Google Latitude for several months.

  4. I actually had access to latitude on my G1 for a short while, but then it went. Guy at work on has it on his phone (Orange or something). Not really much to shout about though is it?

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