Target Surfers by Age and Gender with Adwords

I guess this is a new feature, at least, I had not noticed before. Just logged in to Google Adwords and saw a new announcement:

“New! Reach people based on their age and gender

Reach customers based on their age and gender as they browse sites on the Display Network. To get started, go to the ‘Display Network’ tab and click ‘Change display targeting.'”

This is pretty handy really. Before with Adwords it was all about targeting keywords and specific sites (I think that was about it). Facebook had the upper hand as you could target people by specific age, location and interests. Now with Adwords you can target by age. Great news.

The other day I was targeting new clients on Facebook, I only wanted women in the UK from the age of 18 to 40. Could not do that in Google Adwords, until now.

The announcement links to this page on Google; Reach people of specific age and gender, which was updated on 27/09/2012. So pretty new stuff.

As it happens I received a letter from Google Adwords on Saturday morning. My son has nicked it though so not had a chance to read it!

The letter;

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