Tesco Online Bank Accounts Break After Migration

Tesco Plc has had a bad week. This week it migrated is online banking customers away from the RBS system which it had originally partnered with to its own system. The move was well planned and all seemed to go smoothly, but then something went wrong.

Many people were unable to access their bank accounts for a variety of reasons. One known issue was with Tesco passwords, where users who had chosen a password that was too long were permanently locked out of their account.

To make matters worse the Tesco telephone call centre could not cope with the high demand leaving many customers unable to get any update on their accounts or to access money in their accounts. One customer complained that he was on hold for 2 hours before being cut off by the bank.

Tesco have pledged that they will be issuing refunds to anyone that has been made financially worse off as a result of the technical problems.

Tesco do now believe that they have fixed the problems, however, it requires some of their customers to make changes to their browsers. This task may be simple for the average tech savvy individual but will no doubt lead to further confusion and frustration for many Tesco banking customers.

How To Fix Your Browser for Tesco Banking

To gain access to Tesco online banking you just need to update your web browser to the latest versions, unless you use IE9 (Internet Explorer 9).

Fully supported browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
Just update these to the latest versions.
  • In Firefox select the opt menu: Help > Check For Updates
  • In IE8 go to update.microsoft.com and follow the instructions
  • In Google Chrome click the spanner (top right), the About. It will check for updates automatically from there.
  • In Apple Safari visit the Apple Safari support page: www.apple.com/support/safari/ and select Software Update

Internet Explorer 9 Fix For Tesco Online Banking

Tesco banking will only work in IE9 if “Compatibility View” is switched on in the browser. To do this you need to go to Tesco Online banking and go to the login screen first.

Then on the browser select the Tools menu and then under that the Compatibility View option (which is near the bottom). Selecting enables Compatibility View and this setting should be automatically saved so that whenever you visit Tesco in the future you will be able to access it.

If you struggle with this in IE9 then try downloading and using another browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, which are both very good.


One Comment on “Tesco Online Bank Accounts Break After Migration”

  1. It is now 28th of June and I am still locked out of my savings account,
    have only managed to get through by phone on one occassion and was assured someone from Tesco “Technical” would call next day – that was 3 days ago and am still waiting. Their suggestion that only very few people are affected doesn’t ring true, they must be the only people in the world 2who were unaware that IE9 is widely used on windows 7 and Vista.


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