The Best Way To Take A Website Screenshot And Publish?

I sometimes use the URL shortening service, albeit very rarely. Today I noticed that it created a rather handy screenshot of the webpage that I shortened a URL for. Got me thinking. Wooo.

I had once in the past looked for a service which took full screenshots but found nothing great. I tend to resort to minimizing a page as much as possible and hitting Alt-PrtScrn, usually with pretty poor results. does it so much better.

Now, I have no idea if the thumbnail and screenshot will survive for ever, but it might just do. Here is the example I did today;

I created a short URL to Tweet the story HMV Closing Down? using It created and provided this screenshot;

EssexPortal screenshot from Goo.glAs you can see, it is the full length of the page. And, it is still active. There is not much I want to add really.

Oh, also produces QR codes. Look:

EssexPortal HMV QR Code

So if you need a QR code, no need to go to another service. Does it track the QR code clicks? No idea. I guess so … not sure how those are reported though.

The live URL for the screenshot is: ?c=41&r=4&s=300&d= ….. and the URL for the QR code is… (both trimmed to display on this blog post) but if they stop working my broken link checker will tell me.

2 Comments on “The Best Way To Take A Website Screenshot And Publish?”

  1. OK, This was a failure.

    Well, Google does not host the image for much longer than it takes to see it. I now get a

    “400. That’s an error. Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request. That’s all we know.”


    On Google+ Mat Bennet said this:

    Is image still live for you? The link in your blog post 404s for me.For reference I use FireShot chrome plugin to do the same.

    FireShot chrome plugin:

    Not tested it yet myself. Installing …. now.

  2. OK, spammers have once again spoiled the show. The only way to stop the spam is to switch off the comments.

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