There is a Semantic Error in the Application, Goodbye

Is Talk Talk losing my calls? In the last week I have received 3 or 4 calls which when answered are just silent. After a short while someone says “goodbye” and the line dies.

If I dial 1471 to retrieve the last number which called me it says in an American accent “There is a Semantic Error in the Application, Goodbye”.

A quick search of Google as shown that there are a lot of people having a similar issue, and the response from Talk Talk is very much like their response when I lost my broadband connection on a couple of occasions, i.e. “check the hardware”.

Well, I know all my hardware is good. No wireless phones either, all plugged direct into the wall.

Ooh, on the forum one employee asks for the time of messages. So my first was about 15.40hrs on 15th June 2011. I will pass that on. Ah, he goes on to say “Networks do require 3 examples in order to begin investigations.” That is good to know at least. I have one!

Anyway, this message does appear to be a problem with Talk Talk only, judging by what is being written on the Internet. A strange one. I am hoping that Talk Talk is not losing calls to me though, but I have no way of knowing!

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  1. have just had the same experience when i ring 1471 the message says there has been a “There is a Semantic Error in the Application, Goodbye”.
    any ideas?

  2. I have had quite a few ‘semantic errors’ – but this morning I dialled my landline from my mobile and it showed the correct number. So could the caller’s ID have been at fault, rather than TalkTalk, or my phone? I was just minutes late in answering the phone, or maybe I wouldn’t have had any error message!

  3. Semantic error is given after a cold calling company trying to hide the number. the 1471 service is also not controlled by Talktalk it is still controlled by BT. Hence the reason why when calling from your mobile you get the correct number.

  4. Semantics is the study of meaning. So I guess it is an error that has meaning. Which means, they do not know what the problem is, or care what the problem is, it is just borked.

  5. I get the semantics thing now.
    It alternately happens on 1471 then not, dialling again, then it does on the 3rd time and so on.

    IS this part of an American spying conspiracy or just them hacking every phone in the world to see why we hate the Yanks for selling the blueprints for gas chambers and ethnic cleansing to the Germans and even sponsoring Josef Mengele for the same project in the 1930’s (Kellog and Rothschild and Carnegie Report) and then setting themselves up as the universe’s police department.

  6. Jon, I would guess that it is just a problem with their software and not spying / conspiracy. That all sounds like something from the X Files!

  7. Although, John Robinson just said on BBC News that previous customers may also had their information stolen because Talk Talk may not have deleted it. Great.

  8. Don’t forget that BT owns the phone system. Is this another way of getting people to go to BT from Talk Talk???

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