When Did I Become An eActivist?

I am not sure when it happened, but at some point in the last year or so, every single bad or even just annoying event has lead me to want to take action. And that action is always the modern day equivalent of a leaflet campaign, i.e. a blog. Sometimes a website.

In the last week I have bought 2 new domains as a result of being disappointed, annoyed and almost angered by the failings of others online. One was a new domain to raise awareness of local issues, although I have done nothing with that for fear of attracting unwanted attention from the various local government groups who will no doubt try to recruit me afterwards 🙂

The other website, which is alive but in the early, early stage of development follows on from some news items on diabetes and how the people of the Britain are not being diagnosed and treated soon enough to prevent serious complications – a “ticking timebomb” according to the press, but a problem which has been well know and well documented by a leading diabetes charity for over a decade.

And then today, 2 more events which made me want to turn my attention to the web. Firstly, a postman arrived at my door today to deliver me a note telling me that he could not deliver my letter as it needed an extra stamp. Rather than ring the doorbell and greet me with the letter and accept payment, he just shoved the note through the door and did a runner. A complete joke. I have to pay £1.12 to get a letter addressed to me, which I may not even want. It could be junk mail. Then again, it could be a letter from the Queen inviting me to tea. I have no choice but to pay to find out. A real lottery indeed. But, but, but, I sit about 5 metres from my front door in an upstairs office. My window was open. If the postie shouted I could have leaned out the window and we could have had a friendly chat. But no, he sneaked up, posted the note through the door and left. He assumed nobody was in!

And this afternoon, my next, and hopefully final saga of the day. Models. I live in Essex. Near London. You would think that it would be easy to find a model, someone to pose for a few shots. But the whole industry is a minefield. I joined forums, only to find out I need to pay to ask a question. I Google’d for independent models,. freelance models, agencies etc. but was greeted with nonsense.

I mailed some agencies and await their reply, but the whole business seems very cagey and just a little odd. I am tempted to just advertise locally and see what, or who, comes up. Maybe I could do someone a favour – take some photos, help them develop a portfolio, build them a website and feature them on the world’s bestest health and fitness website. I could even become their manager, and set up my own modelling agency, one which will actually speak to potential clients, explain how it works with respect to royalties, model releases and stuff which so far I still have not got to the bottom of.

So in addition to setting up a new local community, a new national diabetes help site I now need to set up a site for those looking to hire a model for a one off piece of work that do not want to pay a million pounds for a silly London modelling agency, or pay to join a community which may not even be of any help in the first place.

Oh, how I love to rant. Hopefully this rant will not get me in trouble. Well, unless my postman, or his boss read this, then someone may get it in the neck! 🙂 oh, how I love blogging. eActivist.com is taken already, by cyber squatters! Oh, there I go again.

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