Why Have Google Moved The URLs in Search?

For as long as I can remember the URL would always appear after the description in Google search. All searches in fact. Today I notice that the URL is now right below the title. This is really annoying! OK, I admit that I may adjust to the change, but at the moment it just does not look right at all. What I keep asking myself though is, why? What was the point of moving it?

Maybe they just wanted people to “see” the URL sooner so that they know where they are going when they click? But it was never exactly far away. It just looks so messy at the moment.

The green URL used to nicely frame the description, now the descriptions are left hanging in the air, the last words always at risk of losing their grip and crashing down into the results below.

Google never do anything on a whim though, so there must be something else being planned in the Google Search bunker. But what are they planning? Will something new frame the description? Are they planning to provide more information maybe? Hover in the description and see an extended view of the page?

Now that would please some searchers, but anger many website owners. Already Google shows snippets of pages as well as the cached pages to people who cannot be bothered to visit a site. Anything that keeps people on Google and away from sites is a bad thing in my book. But, maybe that is not it at all.

Maybe more space for the new Google Social Plus You +1 Circle Media system? Will comments slide in that space, make a note that your friends can see?

What have Google got up their virtual sleeve now?

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