Yellow Pages Confirmation Telemarketing Scam

OK, not sure what they are doing other than gathering your private information.

I had a call just now from 0800 371104. The lady on the phone said that she was calling from Yellow Pages looking to “confirm” my information. I am not a paid member of Yellow Pages though, I have never been a customer.

She asked if I was willing to get put on their email list for updates. I asked how many email they send – “10 a day, 1 a month?” – and she could not say, so I said no thanks. She then asked if a marketing company could call me back at a later time to discuss something or other, she was very vague and careful just to say “a marketing company“, I said no.

By a marketing company, they could mean any marketing company, not just Yellow Pages. And some forms of marketing are very dubious indeed, such as the ones that pretend to be from your mobile phone service provider, a government agency set up to improve roof insulation or Microsoft. They are all out to get your cash and give little or nothing in return. Cynical, moi? Yes!

Sounds like they are really just trying to sell something. I am not convinced they really are Yellow Pages. They may just use that name to gain trust and then get you to agree to receiving tons of marketing spam.

Oh, they had my business name and address, but asked my name. They also had my email address, which is my name. So they are not exactly the sharpest tools in the box are they?

I cannot help thinking that this is the type of people who deal in personal information and sell to the broken computer telephone scammers and the such like.

3 Comments on “Yellow Pages Confirmation Telemarketing Scam”

  1. Just received a call from this number, glad I let it go to voicemail now. The worrying thing is I am getting an increasing amount of SMS marketing messages to the same phone number so I’m pretty sure my number has ended up some telemarketers list.

  2. You would think if they were a genuine marketing company, that a quick Google search on their number would bring up their website. It doesn’t, just lots of links about tele-pests and such.

  3. I just got a call from them. Unfortunately for them, they’d decided to call me using some weird voice distortion software that made them sound like Steven Hawkings. I couldn’t make head or tail of what they were saying, eventually confirmed that the number was the right one for my business and that I was in charge of the marketing. Then they asked if they could sell me something, it wasn’t clear what, so I kept saying ‘No’ until they said goodbye. A waste of everyone’s time.

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