Call from “Microsoft”: 020 7097 6517 – a London number!

The computer virus scammers are getting nearer! They used to only call from India but this morning I received a call from London. The caller was from the Indian sub-continent, he still had a very strong access, but the number claimed to be from 020 7097 6517, which is central London.

Today I did not have time to allow him to continue, although he did make the effort to be rude and tell me that I know nothing and my computer will stop working very soon if I do not fix these problems – “Microsoft wants to help!”,

Read more about the many telephone call virus scams here.

The same applies here – these people are not Microsoft, they have no connection with Microsoft or Windows, their only desire is to gain access to your computer to plant a virus on it. Hang up,

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  1. I am now quite sure that I was ripped off yesterday!!! First, everything on my computer just froze up. I couldn’t do anything. Then I get this number to call, something about my firewall and I called it. All the sudden these people say they are from LogMeIN Rescue by Microsoft to get rid of all these viruses I had on my computer, or else my computer will crash!! By the way, they were talking to me on my PC about this too. I am so new with technology today and paid them $69.99 for a 1 month service and I am disabled. I even told them that!!! I’m very upset seeing all of this. And NOW COULD THEY HAVE PUT A VIRUS IN MY PC ?? I DON’T KNOW HOW TO FIND IT OR WHAT TO DO !!! SOMEONE, PLEASE HELP ME. I AM SO WORRIED. SINCERELY, Natalie Gary

  2. Natalie, so sorry to hear this. I removed your number / email because that will be abused. Your best bet might be to try to find a local PC repair person.

    In the meantime (and I realise this advice comes a bit late) is to got to Control Panel > Programs and uninstall anything recent that looks strange, and then install MalewareBytes free and run it.

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