McAfee Security Update Breaks Windows

Last night Ant-Virus software McAfee released a security update that broke Windows. The AV mistakenly thought that part of the Windows operating system is a virus, so locked it down. This resulted in computers being unable to boot up.

So what exactly happened?

McAfee’s 5958 update wrongly identified the Windows svchost.exe file as the wecorl.a virus. This worm tries to replace an existing svchost file with its own version to help it take over a machine.

A fix has been released already, but some PC’s may be stuck in a reboot loop and unable to update.

If you are having problems then you will not be able to comment below. Bad luck!

A similar problem happened with Avast! home edition not so long ago. Many people woke up to find that Avast! had identified part of Skype as a virus.

But, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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